Kuala Lumpur Airport

Kuala Lumpur airport timetable

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US-Bangla AirlinesBS316Dhaka (DAC:::BD) 16:00
AirAsiaAK5740Tawau (TWU:::MY)17:35
Malaysia AirlinesMH804Manila (MNL:::PH)17:45
Malaysia AirlinesMH2718Sibu (SBW:::MY)17:45
Malaysia AirlinesMH1057Johor Bharu (JHB:::MY)17:54
AirAsiaAK5242Bintulu (BTU:::MY)17:55
AirAsiaAK5226Kuching (KCH:::MY)17:55
AirAsiaAK6322Langkawi (LGK:::MY)17:55
AirAsiaAK6032Johor Bharu (JHB:::MY)17:58
DragonairKA734Hong Kong (HKG:::HK)18:00
AirAsiaAK5196Sandakan (SDK:::MY)18:00
AirAsiaAK6232Kuantan (KUA:::MY)18:03
Malaysia AirlinesMH2528Kuching (KCH:::MY)18:05
SilkairMI339Singapore (SIN:::SG)18:05
Malindo AirwaysOD205Delhi (DEL:::IN) 18:05
Disclaimer : the above timetable is given as an indication. Furthermore, codeshared flights may not be displayed.
Weather in Kuala Lumpur

Partly cloudy
Humidity : 74%
Wind : ENE at 7km/h
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